Most Reliable Robot Vacuum Brands on the Market

As the market for robot vacuum cleaners is expanding continuously due to the high demand for these products, more and more models keep appearing, the newer ones bringing innovative features to the table. It’s precisely these features and the fact that robot vacuums take the chore of vacuuming off of our hands that make them indispensable to us modern people. If you want to be one of the many people who have such an item at home, make sure that you stick with us for the rest of the article. The reason why it’s important for you to do this is because we will present you the most reliable brands that manufacture such products, thus ensuring that you will know what models to look for when you go out shopping.


Without a doubt, iRobot is one of the most renowned and respected robot vacuum brands on the market. The reason why this brand is so popular is because it never ceases to amaze, producing new models at a rapid pace without neglecting to add ingenious innovations when they release a new generation of such robots. Being founded back in 1990, this company has impressed a lot of people with its passion for everything robot related and it has managed to deliver some of the best-selling and most successful robot vacuums ever released. All in all, it’s a brand that will surely not disappoint you, if you buy an iRobot product being ensured that it’s actually of a great quality.

Neato Robotics

Neato Robotics was founded with the idea that robots can handle performing household chores instead of humans one day, but only if they’re made with attention to detail and with constant innovation in mind. This company has evolved a lot since it started back in 2005, producing high-end robot vacuums that are truly indispensable to modern people. What makes their products be of a higher quality is the fact that all the vacuums they produce have impressive suction power, being able to effectively handle picking up dirt and debris of all kinds off of all types of surfaces.


Samsung is a well-established brand that enjoys a raging fame worldwide due to the fact that it dominates a variety of different markets. As expected, Samsung didn’t disappoint when it came to producing robot vacuum cleaners either, providing loyal customers with nothing but the best models out there. The high amount of resources that they have at their disposal and the fact that so many people are employed at this company is what makes it such a huge success, constantly investing time and money into innovating the robot vacuum market and delivering new and more impressive models as time passes.